The short stories of nEoPOL

Poetry: “Nature Of Skin” By nEoPOL


by nEoPOL

The surface was hard, a shell to protect its’ heart within,

teaming with life, protecting, defending, regenerating, changing.

The pigmentation shifting from one day to next,

tanning and bleaching as the need would project.


Digging deep into its’ surface, mining what they need,

the parasites drill and take at their whim and will.

Sometime to the benefit of their host,

other times, no so much.


The sun’s beams burned the surface, forcing reactions from within,

the movement of resources and migration from the skin.

The protection waning, the substance falling, the end is in sight for this,

The forbearer of our plight.


The forces move of across its’ crust with insatiable prowess,

washing away the cells which drink the surface dry.

Winds and heat do their part to cleanse the skins’ subtle nature,

but the life’s presence is just too pronounced…


In the final analysis, the parasites will remain, cleansing, refreshing,

destroying and breeding.

For as the planet drifts through the eternal cosmos, held in place by its’ own guiding forces,

Human, Animal, Fish, Insect and Bacteria will continue there ceaseless duty…

Until the skin will need us no more…


Copyright © nEoPOL 2008 All rights reserved


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