The short stories of nEoPOL

nEoPOL & Writing

Hi all. I have been writing since I was 16 years old, and now I’m 29. I have not been published but I have submitted several projects, namely scripts, to both agents and television companies. Writing, like all other artistic pursuits, has a long learning curve and I don’t believe that you ever really reach the end of it.

Since I first began writing, back in 1995, I have obviously been through alot. Relationships, work and life in general. I’ve been through my “Meaning of life” phases and “Bleak outlooks” and the positives too. So obviously when I write now, the quality of those experiences rubs off.

I had generally opted for scripts as my first passion is film, but I have always wanted to and have indeed tried and to some extent, succeeded in the past to write manuscripts. As the years have rolled on I’ve found that my outlook and basic character development has not really changed, but my ability to fully realise them, has.

I see life as experiences, even, if not especially the bad ones! You learn a lot about yourself, your own limitations, your own goals and expectations, all are affected by life’s turmoil, so as a writer, it is my intention to capture these and share them with a willing audience.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I share.

Thanks for reading!


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