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Poetry: “Fallen” by nEopol


By  nEoPOL

Enter the agreement without hesitation;

Fall pray of your hearts desire,

concealed within the veil of lust,

crash, unbridled into the harsh crust of failure


Open yourself to the possibilities of life’s pleasures,

only to be bedazzled by its twists and contrivances.

Sense the future, feel the pain,

Jealous cravings, possibilities for betrayal around every corner.


Echoes or past torments still ringing load,

fears of hurt still tender and pronounced,

no words to take solace in,

no trust to soak your soul.


Then, as fears become reality,

realisation of knowledge well earned, embraced,

the end comes swiftly,

consuming your time together in one brutal motion.


Step taken back,

deeds past left standing for time to erode;

Look upon your adventure with solemn glee,

nostalgia, alls that remains,


Dreams of smiles now long forgotten,

pleasures now consigned to history,

a joint fate once so clear, smothered by life’s intolerance,

fallen duo, moved on, to greener pastures.


Time ticks, worlds turn and perspective found at last.

What was a path so clear, is now muddied, and misled.

The soul you thought you were now gone and replaced by who you truly are.

The picture of character, so mislabelled, nobility gone, but not deceased…


For rarely is your better self reflected in your better half…

© nEoPOL 2009 All rights reserved