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100 word flash fiction

Darkly, he fell to the floor, face wet, hands bloodied. How had this happened? Why had this been done? The world shattered around him, shards still penetrating his tough exterior.

Standing over the body, the result of a violent exchange, he turned towards the light of the world which shone through the window, sunlight piercing his soul, a forlorn reminder that a life had been taken, and he had committed the most unforgivable sin.

The darkness of greed and anger had taken him for but a moment and now for eternity, his sins will forever mark him; a murderer.

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Political Thriller/Drama:

The first four chapters of “Union Jack” are now online. This will be the first in an anthology of short stories, dealing with the rise of a right wing political leadership in the U.K.

This segment of the story deals with rise of the leader. Each story will build up the whole, each told from a slightly different perspective.