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I have just posted a new page, which at the moment contains 3 poems, all reletivly quickly composed and featured on my profile. Enjoy!



I have just posted my first attempt at Flash Fiction, in this case, 500 words. I did try to do 100, but it was incredibly difficult,. The challenge is there so I intend to pursist!

This will be a short series based on a sub plot from one of my much larger projects, but I thought that it would be interesting to see at least a little of it in print, as it were.

Anyway, barring the title, the body text is indeed 500 words.

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I have just posted the beginning of a new short story. This is in many ways an exersise in descriptive writing, just to keep my hand in as it were, but the story is one that has been close to my heart for many years now. Anyway, the first few paras are up so check them out.

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My first Short Story is now online.

One of my first shirt stories, originally conceived and written back in 1999, this is a Fantacy peace following the exploits of a government agent in the finally throws of a global war which has ravaged the planet.

You can either read it here, by clicking the link on the right, or follow the link to

First Story: Coming Soon

Just to let anyone who comes across this blog know that the first story is one its way!!! So pleased stay tuned…